Week Ten


Essential Question: How can we manage the change that is inherent in our distance learning efforts?

Week Ten Objectives:

The reading and activities this week will assist you in:

  • 3.c. Coach teachers in and model use of online and blended learning, digital content, and collaborative learning networks to support and extend student learning.

Week Ten Preparation: 

Be certain to cite at least three resources in your blog.

Dates to Save:

Thursday 6:00 AKDT: Class Meeting via Google Hangouts – be prepared to share your rubrics and objectives with the group.

Looking Ahead:

Read over and review the Quality Matters Rubric. (Note – this is the old rubric which was freely available online). 

About the Week

Distance learning is about change. This means that we need strategies to find out about the most recent happenings whether pedagogically or technologically. In your resources, you have been provided with resources that can help us to stay up to date with new developments. The Journal of Online Learning Research is focused on K-12 online learning, and is managed out of Michigan Virtual University. The Online Learning Consortium used to be the Sloan Consortium, and is a leader in K-12 online learning development.

Please create your initial blog entry, due on Thursday. 

Interact with others from Thursday through Sunday to extend their understanding. It is important that you share resources and ideas that will influence the learning of others.

Finally, on Sunday, create a reflection of the week, focusing on the new ideas you have encountered and the way you might implement these ideas in practice. Be certain to also note the way that you impacted the learning of others in the class.


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