Week One

Each week, in this course, there will be an essential question that you will respond to, on your blog, by Thursday. From Thursday to Sunday you will interact with others (posting responses to their blogs) about both your and their understanding. On Sunday, you will then post a follow up blog – a reflection- about what you may have learned, how your thoughts may have changed, and the way that you impacted the learning of others in the course. Both of these postings will be shared on Twitter, and submitted to Livetext for assessment by Monday morning.

Essential Question: What theories or research can inform your current practice of distance learning?


Week One Objectives:

The reading and activities this week will assist you in:

  • 6-A Deepening content and pedagogical knowledge in the foundations of distance learning literature
  • 6-C Reflecting on professional practice and dispositions to improve your ability to model and facilitate distance learning experiences

Week One Preparation: 

Read Chapters Nine and Ten, Distance Education: A Systems View of Online Learning (DE)

Preparing for the Course Experience

If you have not yet established a blog, please do so. Put the address of your blog on the blogroll. If you need assistance creating a blog in WordPress, this tutorial will assist.

About the Week

This week, we will read about some of the most relevant research in distance learning. Research on distance learning is still evolving and the body of knowledge is in no way complete; however, it is very likely that the research resembles some aspects of your practice at this point. You may not have realized that the research has informed your understanding of distance learning in some way! As you read, make note of the aspects of research that resonate with you.

As you create your initial blog entry, due on Thursday, please focus on the aspects of research and foundational knowledge which might shape your practice.  What are your most important “take aways” from this reading and why?

Interact with others from Thursday through Sunday to extend their understanding. It is important that you share resources and ideas that will influence the learning of others.

Finally, on Sunday, create a reflection of the week, focusing on the new ideas you have encountered and the way you might implement these ideas in practice. Be certain to also note the way that you impacted the learning of others in the class.

Submit the URL for your Blog Postings to Livetext on Sunday.

Here is our syllabus: Syllabus EDET 674 SP 2015

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