Week Nine


Essential Question: What lessons can we take from Global Distance Learning Efforts?

Week Nine Objectives:

The reading and activities this week will assist you in:

  • 3.c. Coach teachers in and model use of online and blended learning, digital content, and collaborative learning networks to support and extend student learning.

Week Nine Preparation: 

  • Read Chapter Eleven in Distance Education: A Systems View of Online Learning, 3rd Edition
  • Supplement this reading with at least 3 additional resources.

Looking Ahead:

Next week is spring break, and you will not have coursework! Be prepared to share your work on your course with us the following Thursday when we meet for class!

We have read a bit about initiatives in distance learning in the past. This week we will consider the global perspective. Each of the initiatives discussed in your text takes a slightly different approach to distance learning based on the cultural norms, the scholarly expectations of faculty and students, and the infrastructure of the country. As you read, make note of the similarities and differences between each of these models. Which mesh most with good practice, and which simply would not work in the Alaska culture and within the Alaska infrastructure? Which consider student support best, and which simply leave the student to “sink or swim”? Which models emphasize teacher training, and to what end?

Finally, what lessons might we take from these initiatives?

Please create your initial blog entry, due on Thursday. 

Interact with others from Thursday through Sunday to extend their understanding. It is important that you share resources and ideas that will influence the learning of others.

Finally, on Sunday, create a reflection of the week, focusing on the new ideas you have encountered and the way you might implement these ideas in practice. Be certain to also note the way that you impacted the learning of others in the class.

Submit the URL for your Blog Postings to Livetext on Sunday.


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