Instructional Teams

Rubric for instructional team evaluation: Examples for Online Educators from the Pennsylvania Department of Education


Week Two Learning Theories in Online Courses Genevieve Kapatak Sara Lucas (lead)  Daniel Marshall
Week Three Discourse, collaboration & technology Cherie Lindquist Josie Leach  (lead) Amy Witt
Week Four OCL and Community of Practice (CoP) Teresa Paukan Theresa Merculief  (lead) Rong Qiao
Week Five Instructional Design Models Mariah Smith (lead) Sara Lucas  Rong Qiao
Week Six Assistive and Adaptive Tools Theresa Merculief Cherie Lindquist  (lead)   Daniel Marshall
Week Seven Planning for Student Success Mariah Smith Genevieve Kapatak (lead) Amy Witt
Week Eight Supporting online teaching Teresa Paukan Josie Leach  Rong Qiao (lead)
Week Nine Global Distance Learning Efforts Sara Lucas Theresa Merculief  Daniel Marshall  (lead)
Week Ten Maintaining relevancy in fast moving times Josie Leach Teresa Paukan (lead) Mariah Smith
Week Eleven Quality Matters Genevieve Kapatak Cherie Lindquist Amy Witt (lead)

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